‘Being a Bishop of an “outback diocese”, I am looking forward to taking my young people to experience the profound faith of the Polish people and to have their own faith strengthened and encouraged by the witness of so many other young people with the same faith in Jesus, lived vibrantly.’

This pilgrimage will be a unique one because the Pauline Fathers were founded in Poland, the host country for World Youth Day. ‘Belonging to a Religious Order based in Poland adds to the attraction since I will be able to share some of my own spiritual roots with the young people of my diocese,’ he said.

‘I have been to Kraków, the “City of Mercy” many times and have spent most of my priestly life preaching and teaching the “Message of Message” as given by Our Lord through St Faustina and have witnessed the power it has to change lives and bring people closer to God. I can’t wait to share that with the pilgrims.’

‘My hopes and expectations for this World Youth Day would be that we all have a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ in His Church and to deepen the knowledge that He is REAL, faith is REAL, our heavenly family with Mary and the saints is REAL and finally that God’s love for us, His Mercy poured out for us, is REAL and we all need to embrace and respond to these realities by the way we live our lives.’

People at home can follow the journey of the Wilcannia-Forbes pilgrims through their group blog at: Miss Maguire’s Blog