Hero justice and service

Justice and Service

Reverencing every human being as the image of God and based on the social doctrine of the Church, young people seek to promote the inalienable dignity and rights of every human being, to serve those in need, to advocate for change in situations of injustice, and to pursue peace.

Our call to justice and service is Christ-centred. We are formed through Christian living to bear witness to Christ in everyday life.

A focus on justice and service can be an entry point for some young people to encounter Christ, drawing them into relationship with God and the Christian community.

Formation in Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching also enables young people to question what is often taken for granted in our society, to expose the root causes of injustice and to live justly amidst the complexities of our world.

Direct service opportunities enable young people to make a difference in our world and to apply principles of justice in their personal and professional lives.




The Bishops were quick to applaud young people for their acute sense of justice, personal integrity and respect for human dignity, for their care for the needy and their concern for the environment. These are signs of a great generosity of spirit which will not fail to bear fruit in the life of the Church now, as it has always done in the past.
St John Paul II
Ecclesia in Oceania #44